Playing Slots | Whitehat Money Making Trick

This method is 100% working, you just need to allocate some time to it. It doesn’t involve any scripts or strategies.

This is a very good business opportunity. Even myself use this method.

Ok, so this method involves Affiliate Betting. You promote some casinos online while playing on it.


You will get money from the casino marketing team so when you are promoting you will not need to invest anything.

How to start this business?

  1. Start a social media account that posts big wins from slots from various youtubers (Montages)

This way you can get some subscribers. Easiest way is to do it on TikTok (Got some millions of views and 10k followers in 3-4 days). You can also try with youtube because it is easier to get partnerships with casinos.

  1. After you got some fanbase (Over 5k and some constant views) you can start contacting some casinos. My recommandation is Stake, PlayAttack (MrBit, Drift, Frank Casino etc) or any other international casino. You will not get accepted by everyone, so in the beginning stick to only one casino

  2. After you accepeted the best offer, you will get an affiliate manager from the marketing team. This guy will help you with everything. If you need some money he will give you a fake balance so you can play, You will also get an affiliate link where you will promote it in every video.

Now you will get $$$ depending on your views and from your affiliate link. This is a profitable business, you can see lots of streamers doing it. (Most of them with fake balance)

If you need more information search JuicyFruityyy on Youtube and analyse his videos.

Happy learning!

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