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Just trying to do some bug hunting, Ive got a vulnerable website that I can use JavaScript on to see the PHPSESSID cookie, but when I send it to my server, the PHPSESSID cookie isn’t there, just other information. HTTPOnly flag isn’t on.

The only problem I can think is its the php script, anyone have a working script or another method of obtaining the users PHPSESSID cookie?

Github script im using:

JS script im using that works:

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  • Check the various session/cookie settings in your php.ini. Then use an http debugger (e.g. httpfox or firebug’s net tab on firefox) to see what’s going across the wire. You’ve provided no useful information at all to properly help you. – Marc B Apr 21 '12 at 0:51


It looks like the cookie’s domain is being set to localhost. This will only work if you’re actually running your website from localhost. You need the session.cookie_domain to match your domain name, optionally with a . in front of it (as in to also include subdomains.

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