Photos in Google Photos to Google Drive

I just want to know whether there’s a way to save (preferably autmatically) photos and videos of Google Photos to Google Drive?

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If you set to automatic save option then it’ll save automatically and you can access from any where in any device (must longed in)

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Sorry, but how and where can I activate option to save G Photos pictures into G Drive?

If you enable the Backup Option in Google Photos app in your Mobile, The folders you have selected will be backed up automatically. You can view your uploaded photos in your Google Drive also. No need to transfer Google Photos to Google Drive. You can select the quality of Photos uploading to Google Photos. You can upload in Original quality and High Resolution. In case you selected Original resolution option, your Google Account storage will be used for uploading. If you chose to upload in using High Quality option, you can upload unlimited photos to Google Photos. The Photos backed-up using High Quality option in Google Photos will be reduced to max 16 MP in Resolution but the quality of the Photos will be good. Hope you understood.


Thanks for this elaborated solution. I know everything you said, but what I didn’t understand and as you said " You can view your uploaded photos in your Google Drive also." is how to do that? Where can I find the backed up pictures of Google Photos on Google Drive?