PForm Wordpress Plugin

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I would like to first release this WordPress plugin on our lovable forum. I have been learning a lot of stuff from here. so this is my small dedication towards our community.

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PForm Wordpress Plugin

This Plugin is to help us to collect contact form details from a WordPress site to Google sheet and send a notification to the telegram.


Plugin Features :

  • Adaptable Layout with WordPress Theme

Tested on Astra Theme 1



Tested on Astra Theme 2


  • Changeable Contact Form Titles

  • Can Enable/Disable Button Form

  • Google Sheet Storage

  • Get Notification on Telegram

How to Use :

  • Download PForm Plugin and Install it on Your WordPress Site.

  • After activate the plugin and select PForm Setting from Menu sidebar.

  • Fill the details for your titles and Google Web App URL.


:point_down: How to get Google Web App URL :point_down:

  • Goto your Google drive and Click New Button from Left Top β†’ Click Google Sheets and Give the file name.

  • Type tag names on the first row of the sheet. Refer to this image :point_down:


  • Click Tools from menu bar and Select Script editor.

  • Create a Telegram Bot from @Botfather & Copy the Token.

  • Goto your created Bot and send /start or Click Start button.

  • Now GoTo @userinfobot Send it any message it will give your Telegram ID (9 Digit) and copy the ID.

  • Copy the code from

  • Paste it on Script Editor and Replace Telegram Token and ID. Refer to this image :point_down:


  • Save it and if it asks authorization, Give it. Click the Deploy button and Select New Deployment.

  • In Prompt Window, Select who has access to Anyone. Finally, Click Deploy Button and Copy the Web App URL.

  • Paste it on PForm setting β†’ Google App Script URL field and click Save Changes. That’s it.

:point_down: How to place contact form in WordPress page/post :point_down:

  • Paste this shortcode [pform_contact] on anywhere wordpress page/post.

  • For Button Contact Form, You can enable/disable it from PForm Setting.

:point_down: Google Sheet Storage :point_down:


:point_down: Telegram Notification :point_down:


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