Paypal Virtual Credit Cards for sale, Any country!

Why would you need a Paypal vcc?

You could register on tons of trial sites with these without worrying! for example - yahoo small business has free domain campaign till 31 Dec, you could resister unlimited domains using the same paypal account for payment verification! You can use this on Envato accounts as well on unlimited accounts… there are many many more sites which accept paypal as a payment gateway!

(personally tested yahoo small bussiness and envato… made over 5 accounts on each with same paypal and still no issues)

Also say if you are doing dropshipping on ebay. if your account gets suspended you cant use the linked paypal again and you have create a new paypal and a bank card for the new paypal as well! which is exhausting if doing multiple times…

We Provide VCCs for any country. These have $2 deposited on them so we can receive the paypal code. (we will soon test them on netflix, google cloud, aws and upadate the thread if it works!) for now its only paypal.

VCCs priced at $6 ! Send me a PM to buy, cheers


Please, did you inform the admin before you were given permission to sell

i need one virtual Credit Card

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Yes i did! otherwise the post wouldn’t get approved & Chief @SaM already informed he gave me permission to post it here.

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@Mano there is no permission to sell theres only barter system to follow in this fourm

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I talked to the admins @SaM please respond…

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Heads Up:

Who has a problem Ping me, I can solve your problem.
Do not push such things here, It’s my job to go through them, I granted him a Permission to publish the topic here if anyone interested he/she might go on. That’s all.

Stick to the topic folks and get the deal done if you want.



Have you tested these for PayPal Adwords?

Do you have site to sell these VCC?

Interesting, how to contact you?

Guys just use Revolut, they giving you if I’m not mistaking 7 VC per month for free my referral link, with it you can get physical card for free.

@jd90 We tested these on Paypal only, but will soon check on other sites

@Heallh_Jason Nope we havent set one up, these cant be set up on a auto-buy shop since we have to make them manually and deposit money into them… But you can always reach me out on facebook for fast replies :slight_smile:

@Mano how to contact you, i dont known how to pm you in here

I am interested to test with one first. How can I buy?

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