PayPal Hitting Guide 2022

  1. clear cookies on a burner browser (firefox or brave is advised)

  2. go to your website and choose what you want to buy and go to checkout with paypal

  3. type in the email first try (like you know it off by heart)

  4. type in password (slow-ish) but have one thing wrong with it, (IE uncapitalized letter)

  5. it will say it’s wrong

  6. type the first letter of the password and press “show” on the password box

  7. type the password in (SLLLOOOOWWWLLLY) but correctly and press “hide” once you’re done

  8. wait 5-10 seconds and press enter.

  9. if you hit, congrats

  10. if you don’t, turn on airplane mode and clear your cookies of your browser

  11. once you’re done turn off airplane mode and try the next log



Kindly asking where can I get legitimate PayPal accounts?