Paypal Cashout Method

Paypal will Always Chargeback…

so We Need an Intermediate Business Paypal Account…I have Tried this method for a Long Time and Paypal has never charged-back My Account for the Balance i Transfer from the Intermediate Business Account…

  1. GO TO Pay It
  2. Create an Account
  3. Add Your Business PP
  4. Create an Event
  5. Now Copy Your Event Link
  6. Clear Your Cookies and Change Your Location
  7. Use Your Hacked PP to Fund Your Event…
    Money Will Be Instantly Deposited into Your PP
  8. Send 90% of the Money to Your Main PP

Enjoy and Stay Safe

To Register a Business PP Account Use a Dead/Live Full with Matching SSN


  • Don’t Charge More Then 1k on Your 1st Day
  • Always Remember to be Changing Your Location when You Are Paying
  • Dont Forget to Clear Cookies Too
  • You Have 3 Days to Experience Charge Backs…
  • Try and Cash a Maximum of 5k
  • And Cashout 90%
  • 10% Pays for the Fast Chargebacks as Money Circulates and Settles in Your Main Account
  • Now Play with Paypals and Enjoy…

Happy learning!