Onedrive Throttle Please help

Hey guys is there any way to recover any data out of throttled one drive account. I got that one drive account in one of those 5tb one drive for free… Please help!!!

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Already i was face this problem those who have using 5TB free with tricks & office365 E3 …all the users i think facing same problem … i have some files still i can’t access those …onedrive throttle displaying :confounded::confounded::confounded: everytime, from two days ago …:neutral_face::neutral_face:

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any idea of the tricks? so the other can try to save their files before it’s too late lol

Does it mean those file are gonna be lost…??

I also got this issue 2 days ago :pensive:
All of my, more than 2tb data can’t be accessed now
I have it reupload it somewhere else :smirk:,
But where the hell do i get the same data again for the reupload :sob:
Everything is F up.

Hello guys, same problem here…
But I realized it is possible to access the files through the OneDrive app for Android.
I am now downloading my data to the SD Card.

I am facing the same issue, I thought my sharing limit is reached, but I can’nt access even the data, there is some issue with the drive, or they might be working on the backend,

what tricks did you use to get that account?

I faced same issue and but I got a trick. I added that account on multi cloud. Using multi cloud I could open it and download my backups.

Thanks to Multi Cloud. Try Once and Let me know.

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I managed to authorise syncovery and surprisingly I can still upload and download files to/from all my ofb accounts despite throttling…

can you tell me how?

You can get a 30-day trial from here:

  1. Create a new profile in Advanced Mode
  2. Hit Internet button
  3. Select OneDrive for Business protocol
  4. Provide OneDrive email address
  5. Hit the folder button

That should open your default browser and ask to authorise the app. Once authorised (took many times to go through) you can enable real-time sync. It will automatically retry the connection when it drops due to 429 (throttle).


It’s quite slow and plenty of cloud delays but I am able to get the data…


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thanks man, i’ll try.

I try same trick but always shown error and ask me to re add again

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