OneChat AI: Your Gateway to Advanced AI Models (GPT-4, Claude 3, Llama, ChatGPT) on Android for FREE

filled form, waiting for the link.

I am also having credits run out very fast. Watching ad before every request for few times is okay but after that is quite tedious. If could watch ads at once and collect credits it would have been less interrupting.

Thanks for the feedback, Markov, we’ll look into it.

Hey Asmit.

I’ve sent you a message. Please check.

I have DMed you back.

Thank you for the complete link and step by step guide!

Like Markov said, doing ads is fine but every time you use it is a little much. Like 1 ad for 3 credits or something seems to me more worth doing.

Thank you, Markov and Logan, for your feedback. Your feedback will be carefully considered. We’re also planning to introduce a subscription very soon. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

If it’s the same price or lower than the going rate for the same type of system, which is like $15/m, I’d see people interested in using it. They can try it with ads, and they can pay for ad-free if they want to do more without the ads.

Thanks Logan, your feedback is valuable as we consider our pricing strategy.


I am also eyeing for affordable subscription

Sophia, we’re planning to bring affordable subscription very soon.

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that’s good