One thread for COUPONS instead of multiple separate posts

Thanks for the feedback & suggestion.

Well, I have a full Overview in return, Trust me once you read it, consider it, You will definitely agree to not do this ever.

Making questions and putting suggestions are too easy, but sorting such things on track pretty tough. and no doubt there are billion of suggestions have been made on the internet but that doesn’t mean all them has a solution.

Tip: Always pass an idea that might help the maximum audience considering all directions, any idea that helps only less audience and consume headache as well, that’s just a thought, not an idea.

Anyway, let me put it straight, you decide and I will definitely do it if you believe that’s really easy.

Example: I have a thread where 100 members have posted 100 posts within 3 days, 200 members have seen first 20 after 7 days now there are 400 posts, 50 of them need a Coupon that available under post number 53, obviously no one would give a damn to reach there. it’s been 3 weeks now, SaM jumped in, and guess what I might see? 100 posts by 100 members with Permanent free coupons, 50 posts by 50 members, hey download from here, get this here, etc! 86 posts of 86 members, hey do you have this coupon? hey, this is expired, hey send me the content of this coupon.?? Now Visit FAQ and make sure what they are doing is fair or not fair?

Look, there are 50 types of do’s and don’ts behind the scene while posting the coupons, We have near 10K above topics regarding coupons, coupons gets updated every day, that doesn’t mean Udemy kept releasing worth 40 courses per day and every course have limited coupons.

We have experienced members here who kept posting updated and new coupons every day. If anyone needs any coupon, all they have to do is Search and probably they will get it. if they don’t they are supposed to request because not allowed. why only coupons? there are other subjects as well, later someone will ask, why we keep GA via separate topics? why not put them one in one?. Really, mate.

New Topics stick under the ‘‘NEW’’ tab for all members, until unless they read. Easy to track and get maximum things from us, once they read they are automatically going to Track mode. means once or multiple times if the topic gets updated, each and every member who had visited it will get a notification. POST DOES NOT SEND YOU ANYTHING TO TRACK THEM UNLESS YOU START READING THEM FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. How come anyone supposed to read 100 posts when they are seeking to get coupons? no one gets notified for posts per day.

Lastly, NO ONE WOULD EVER GONNA UPDATE A SINGLE COUPON HERE. and as soon as possible, You will see 70 different posts of the same coupon every after a week. basic part, Regularly, I catch duplicate posts, something that exists, peoples still wanted to dump it here, If they get a page, no one would ever stop them unless the page gets closed, THERE IS NO SUCH TOOL OR BOT TO TRACK WHO POSTED FREE AND LIMITED, WHO POSTED LEGAL OR ILLEGAL ONES.

COUPONS are just a rough entry, Considering RULES, let me highlight it again…

Why would OneHack gonna make a clone page for anything that gets dumped by many other sites around every day? Basically we don’t recommend do it, there are harmless BUT they are harmful too considering policy, So let it be the way it’s going on from ages. That’s all, mate.


Any questions? Feel free and ask, We are here to help and hear from you!