Office 365 ProPlus + 5TB OneDrive Tutorial - (No EDU Mail) with Desktop Apps

How to sign up for a free Office 365 Education Account (A1 Plus)

What’s Different : Office365 Account via TempMail (A1) includes only Web Version whereas A1 Plus includes Desktop version of Office365 :sunglasses: No EDU Mail Necessary

This way you will activate Office 365 ProPlus for 10 computers + 5TB OneDrive

STEP 1: Visit the following mailbox link and create any username. You can create a username of your choice.) Click on the " Set " box.

STEP 2: Keep the current tab the same, Open a New Tab and go to the registration page for the Microsoft Office Education account .

:warning: Important
Enter the email you just created in the previous step, the mail will look like: [email protected]

Note when entering the following mail is NOT chacuo(.)net or 027168(.)com

STEP 3: Select ‘Student’. Enter the name and password you want to create.
Refresh the mail generated in Step 1 to receive the verification code from Microsoft. Enter the verification code to sign up for Office 365 Education. (This step may take a few seconds or minutes to get a code. Please be patient.)

STEP 4: After successful registration, you need to verify your email address and or personal phone number so you can secure your account.
When ‘Finish’ appears, Close THAT TAB

STEP 5: Continue to log in to the following address and click join the Office 365 & Group (IMPORTANT)

Provide any info like : Request for Office 365 ProPlus etc…
The request will mostly be Auto-Approved.

STEP 6: After successfully joining the group, return to the tab open in Step 4 and log out of the Office 365 account you just registered.
Note: After logging out, close all open tabs.

STEP 7: Visit the following link when you log in to your recently logged out Office 365 account.

Go to: My Account -> Subscription.
If you see this :

If you don’t, Repeat from Step 5

Proof :


Office 365 Desktop :

Note :

  • Closing Tabs, Logging Out etc are important, I had to try more than once step by step to complete the activation. Also TempMail might be bit slow to recieve code…
  • Do Not Abuse ths trick and create multiple accounts at same time, BECAUSE IF ADMIN detects that you are abusing, you will be locked out of any time to respect the people of SHARED Subscription.
  • Use OneDrive storage for Non-personal Use… (Subject to Audit)

To install Office 365 to the computer. You can refer to the article Instructions for installing Office 365 manually with Office 2013-2019 C2R Tool

Credits to original devolopers and admin for all contents posted…
Its great to see people share ideas in a healthy environment like these. Be sure to support and reply for more info.


It worked but in Onedrive I have 1Gb. I may have done something wrong :pensive:


Don’t mind the OneDrive storage, Like Shared Drive, U can upload Large files using :+1:

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Coz the subscription is a part of joining the group… Shared

I’m not getting OTP in the third step. I’ve changed chacuo(.)net with Have I done something wrong?

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Same Error :frowning:

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It Says Your institution doesn’t meet our academic eligibility requirements to receive Office 365 for free. Please explore other low-cost Office plans

Dude are you a nutcase or what??? OP clearly mentioned in his post that you should not create multiple accounts and abuse this method otherwise the admin might detect it and disable the access for all of us who created it with the same method.
What are you going to do with these many accounts anyways??? One is not enough for you?? You going to store more than 5TB of data on onedrive??
I dont understand you people. By hogging so much accounts for yourself you not only ban yourself in the near future but also all of those people too who just created only one account for themselves. If you are not new here then maybe you already know that there are already many cases before on this forum where abusing these kind of methods bans all of the other people too.
Maybe you should try to turn down your greediness the next time these kind of methods shows up here on this forum.


For these reason most of edu mail blocking now a days @Yash bro … why people are so greedy ? 5TB isn’t enough !! … edu mail college authorities blocking for these and some people make more account to sell them …How funny !! That’s why forum should need always monitoring these types of tricky educational post as people are using for their personal use or misuse !!


Thank you for sharing :+1: :wave:

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Thank you so much. :v: :+1: :+1:

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Guys don’t abuse it please I heartily request you all, greed is always lead us to end. It’s an illusion please understand this in life. You know a few hundred people own 75% of the wealth in the world. And because of their greed, the poor is suffers a lot. Even we are experiencing inequality. And that’s why you’re here to use these hacks, so understand the satisfaction and help our community. Don’t ever abuse anything in your life.


There are leachers right here in the comment section! Flag them off to stop filthy comments!

I"m facing the same issue

i haven’t got the otp

Worked like a charm…
As mentioned by other user it shows only 1GB.

Regarding the OTP issue.,


For random name only, i got it.
It came to the mailbox and it showed 1 mail at the top left corner.But there was no mail displayed in inbox. After refreshing the window, it showed the mail.

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how i figure it out?

Thanks for the tut…
i havent tried it yet but i wanna ask can we use this onedrive account for sharing stuff?
like sharing movies etc?

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Thanks @GROWNUPS worked great. Only 1 gig storage like others but still a great share. Thanks for this.

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Yes, one account is very sufficient, i dont know why some people create a lot of them
I’ve not receive the verification code in temp mail

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