Not able to record laptop screen while this application is running

I am using a windows application for my classes and I get following errors when I try to record the content and the recording application turns off automatically.
even if I try to take the screenshot it comes as blank.
can any one help me with this.

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Unacademy doesn’t allows any Screen Recorder to record , there is no solution up till now .

It could be that this software has an automatic protection barrier, or it could be that the browser you are using is automatically protecting the video. You could try using an older version of a browser such as Firefox. Or try using some other video recording software such as Xbox gamebar ,obs, recmaster, and so on. I’m not sure if it will solve your problem, but you can try more.

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Search for this one–Debut Video Capture Software

Why you guys not using OBS? This is the best way to record screen :smiley:

Try using Firefox :slight_smile:

Simple solution: Share your screen with another laptop or mobile and record your desired videos or whatever
data you want. Thanks

on Remote desktop too application give this error

It is really a normal problem, you can try obs or change your browser.