Nordvpn signs in but does not connect to any server

Hi Guys

I have Nordvpn (latest update), I have a valid user and password, my pc is windows 10 pro.
I can log on to Nordvpn but when i try to connect to a server it say connecting but does not connect.
Im using windows security only, I have checked to see if the user im using is activated, it is. I have reset Nord Tap, uninstalled and installed the program several times. I have changed IP4 from auto to 1 /this was suggested by Nordvpn website). I have allowed Nordvpn through windows firewall (I don’t see why I should have to but i did it anyway).

Anyone have any idea what to do please?

Thanks in advance


Nordvpn only allows a maximum of 6 connections at a time. So either your account is hacked (if you are the owner) or you have picked the account off the internet. In either case, consider connecting to vpn sometime later.

if nord connected successfully and not working
go to option and enable nordvpn obfuscated servers
and use this obfuscated servers to bypass block if your country blocked vpn

This happens to me too.
When i open settings>advanced>run diagnostics>reset app it works. but you have to do this every time you connect.