Nord VPN 'Auth' Password Verification Auth

I’m unable to connect to any server. getting password auth failed every time. Anyone know how to solve this problem? THanks.


It happens some times. When you see the FAQ they will say reset your password , which may not possible as this a hacked account.

Reset the app from the Nord VPN Settings. This always worked for me


Close the program from task manager.
Start Nord and log in.
Now try connecting to different locations (usually 4-5 times in my case).
This works for me.


Due many users using your account and they are connecting to the same server that why you got that error. try to reset password or try other account. good luck.

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add exception to nord in firewall…always worked for me

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That’s problems always happen to me, there’s something that I do to solve it
option 1. restart pc
option 2. restart NordVPN
option 3. reinstall or repair
option 4 (this is always work until now): use open vpn gui to connect
on the config of open vpn add these line of code



I think it just turns to a free account. As ive had it were i cannot connect, but sometimes after many tries it will connect, but as soon as i try a new account, it connects straight away. So chances are, if there not connecting after the first 2 or 3 tries, then your best just trying a new account.

appreciate it, thanks

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How to reset the app from Nord Vpn settings?Can u explain pls.

  1. Open Nord VPN
  2. Click on the Gear(Settings) Icon near the right X(Title Bar)
  3. Click Advanced from the Tab
  4. Click Diagnostics link
  5. From the Pop Click Reset App