Nintendo Switch | Private Method

REQUIREMENTS: Picture of a Nintendo Switch Box Brand New, A Phone, POP (Maybe) (Bar code and Serial Number) and A BRAIN


  1. All you need to do is to give a call to Nintendo (For me it was Nintendo Canada)

  2. Tell them that you have received a Nintendo Switch Bundle for example with a game bundle in it and the game wasn’t in it. You can do it with controller too or even the whole Switch [Image: laugh.png]

  3. They will ask you some email information so be prepare to create a fake email address who look legit. If they ask for you Nintendo Account just say you never had one because you just got the switch.

  4. They will maybe ask for the POP but if you have good context like “It’s for the birthday of my son” they usually won’t. (If you need one contact me)

  5. They will contact you back with the code or they will ask for the address. (RECOMMENDATION : USE A DROP FOR MAX SECURITY)

  6. Wait at least 1 DAY and you should have the confirmation !


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