Nintendo confirms that hackers might have hijacked 160,000 user accounts

Nintendo has disconnected the NNID legacy login system from main Nintendo profiles after it has discovered a massive account hijacking campaign.

The gaming giant Nintendo announced that hackers gained accessed at least 160,000 user accounts as part of an account hijacking campaign since early April.

The company launched an investigation after it has received several complaints from its users.

“This time, using a login ID and password information obtained illegally by some means other than our service, a phenomenon that seems to have been made by impersonating the “Nintendo Network ID ( 1, NNID)” from around the beginning of April We have confirmed that it is occurring.” reads a report published by the company. “We also confirmed that there was an illegal login to some “Nintendo accounts” via NNID using this impersonation login.”*

The company discovered that the accounts belonging to many users were abused to purchase features and virtual coins in popular games, including Fortnite V-Bucks, using the funds in the connected PayPal account.

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