New Whatsapp feature disappearing messages how to activate

Things you should know about disappearing messages

One can forward or take a screenshot of the disappearing message and save it before it disappears
One can also take a picture using another smartphone or camera.
One can also copy the content of disappearing messages and save them in a document
Media sent with disappearing messages option turned on will get deleted from the chat after seven days
A quoted message might remain in chat even after seven days.
If a disappearing message is forwarded to another chat or group

How to enable and disable disappearing messages in Android, iOS and web

  1. Open WhatsApp and head to any chat window

  1. Tap on contact’s name

  1. Then, tap on disappearing messages option

  1. Tap Continue, if prompted

  2. Now, select On to turn on disappearing messages for that particular chat.

  1. Head back to the chat window and you will find a new disappearing messages logo on the profile picture.

Watch video below: