Network connection at workplace

My workplace is using a system by “Sophos” for network control. Every time we use the browser, we have to login through a page where we have to provide username and password.

Facebook, Youtube and all other social networking sites are blocked. I am not interested in those though.

I just wanted to use an android emulator and run my games in AFK mode. But it seems not possible as well.
I can run the android emulator, but after that, the game wont start.

Is there any way i can use the android emulator smoothly? I know it may sound awkward. But is there anyone who can contribute in this issue?

I’m a newbie. I apologize for any wrong thing in advance.

Sounds like you’d need a full on SOCKS 5 or similar proxy, if that is even possible to use in your situation, depending on their network setup at your workplace. I work from home, and am able to use a similar setup but routing traffic to another computer on my local intranet versus over internet, and works nicely so I can load anything on the work computer, as needed.

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