Netflix has stopped giving out free trials, still there are people selling accounts how is it possible?

There are still many online shops which are selling working Netflix accounts with certain period validity, but the trials already stopped… how are they making and selling accounts?

And if you happen to know help 1Hackers with some accounts trick.

Actually, still some countries have the possibility to get free trials, also these people get some Netflix Gift cards, more they can get giveaways from services, and They use something called Cracking, they crack accounts and sell them.


they don’t use trails because it needs a visa card
they use the illegal payment method
or they get a huge account list from the internet and get the Netflix account checker and they check more than 300k account they will find at least thousand of accounts
that’s how it works for them
and that’s the main reason why Netflix not going to allow the uses to open the same account from a different country and then it requires the verification of the user ( most of the sellers do this they sell something called (Screen) each screen will cost you half of the price.

so Netflix is making a huge campaign on those :smile:

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