Bin -409194xxxxxxxxxx
Date / CVV : RND
IP : USA :us:


How it will work? please can you explain details.

can anyone give me a Valid USA Number
They are asking for a number

How to bypass phone number ?
I get error message 'Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later."
I use phone number from 2ndline


guys its saying - “A valid card no must be entered into the form”

it needs free temp sms receiver, do you have any known effective sites for that?

@Neil_Madarang This is the list of effective sites
Temporary SMS Sites

hi is the bin working.
if any one got account then do let me know.
i am not able to try it.

2nd line is paid right?

Even if you guys found a working number, you’ll get an error. There’s a very rare chance of activating a Netflix account using a Bin.

There is a very rare chance to activate NETFLIX with a BIN these days. As soon as you use the BIN it will activate the F.D.S & the error comes. But if luckily someone able bypass the payment procedure & then comes the phone no. verification (which comes when the F.D.S thinks that you are doing suspicious activity). You can try TEXTME but there is a very little chance the OTP will arrive there.

Netflix uses the same security like Paypal !

Best of Luck :+1:


I was asked a no and I used one but it was not sending the OTP … Instead an error message appeared on the top

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Seems patched already !

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