Netflix 1 Month Ultra-HD Got Busted!

No ! As much I can remember the one month free one.

can you share the method privately?

I also know about open bullet

What’s that trick?

Guys acknowledge us about this open bullet please

AFAIK, It’s a method to find cracked accounts.

It’s a long process search on YouTube lot of tutorials available but first you need a good rdp

Seems a lot of work

Apparently he was one of the guy in my social accounts. We’ve spammed him. IDK why someone would want to be so loyal to NF. Fkin disgusting.

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totally agree!!

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by his work man, he must be a kid

He may thought informing Netflix about this method will earn him some bounty :joy:


Yes it got busted but I realize when I login to Netflix app with this account created by this trick, I can watch some contents (not all)

Isn’t there any other way around, I tried it but in vain & got stuck while taking all pre. steps…

hmm how is it possible?

It is, one of the best secure and fast streaming site

I login to Netflix app before it got busted. Now the app keeps login but I can only watch some of its contents

Any Working Method Available ??

Yes there is if you know what you’re doing.

  1. Netflix with new api by @SaM
  2. And another one by @SaM

others you may can search on OneHack

Ok thank you , I will try