Needed an advice to buy Laptop. please help me out

Hi everyone, i just needed a laptop (desktop not possible for me as i need a movable workstation) of high performance that can do Photoshop , Illustration works and Graphic design related work and gaming too with video editing of Price INR 60000 rupees to 70000rupees. i can see i5 9gen or Ryzen 5 3550h and similar processors but confused to go which brand or latest or its life consideration and longevity . Help me out please.

go with ryzen pc’s better performance at almost half the price

currently using lenovo legion 5 great so far


go with Acer Predator Helios 300 it comes with 10gen i7 with RTX 2060. It can handle everything you throw but if you have to do color correction then you have to buy an extra monitor.
price $1197

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Thank you for suggesting sir.

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That’s what this community is for!!!

Best regards in your endeavours

not suggesting any specs but you can join a fb group for custom pc enthusiasts in india or any state you live in they will guide you better based on your locale

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I was watching this video and it bit informative. Hope this will help out:


But Acer predetor might be over my Budget sir.

ryzen r5 3550 is not based on zen 2 architecture it is zen+ architecture its good for battery but not so good for performance, and go for one having an intel cpu with dedicated gpu coz adobe still optimize better on intel cpu’s.
if i may, i 'll suggest you to go with lenovo legion I5 9th gen with 1650 , there isnt musch difference between intel 9th gen and 10th gen mobile chips.

and with extra bucks buy 2 years extra warranty on lenovo back to school programme
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what is your budget in $

Approximately 1000$

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I guess this is perfect for your budget. It has 8 core processor, fastest ram, 1660 ti gpu is not the fastest in the market but it can handle any game you throw, It hs display port If you want to connect another display.

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Best in the market, just compare the specs and calculate.

Hi …Sorry for late… You may already brought the product… but for other people who read this post…
use Lenovo customize laptop from their website (max 30 days to get deliver )… or buy an processor that’s end with ‘H’ … H is for high performance… you can read this docs


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