Need suggestions about IG unfollower

Hi guys,

I just figured it out that my little one added over 5k new user to my IG account so basically he followed randomly many people. It was my personal account which i dont care about how many follower i have etc.

I checked around and seen many apps with money or smells scam .

So i need your suggestion how can i clear this unnecessary ppl. Basicly i need unfollower apps to remove’em all

Thank you

Bro, Try Inssist Extension for chrome. I personally recommend this In this you can get data analysis in your account i.e. people you followed or people who followed you. It is not a scam or any kind of phishing site. It has many features like all the things that are not available when we use Instagram from a web browser. But using this extension you can have many features that are in the Instagram official application. For removing random people from your account, this part you have to do this manually from this chrome extension or general way. There is no app or site that will help you to remove followers till now that I have seen. If you know python then you can easily make a bot for it to do this task. The extension I suggested would help you to know the new members that were added.


Thanks for the tips bro appreciated

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