Need Suggestion about Buying a Laptop

Hi Everyone! My elder brother wants to buy a laptop. Our budget is tight, about 35k INR. He is a teacher. The laptop will mostly be used to create presentations, documents, web browsing and accessing multimedia. Can you guys suggest some? I was thinking to go with [this]( one.


*My suggestion to you is this, be cautious while buying ideapad Series especially take it from me,
*Secondly don’t go for much higher Gen. (only if you are into it)
*You can buy it with low hardware like. (RAM, Drive and then upgrading it later)

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Thanks for the suggestion. Is there any specific model you’d like to add?

Get an ssd with it without it the laptop is gonna suck at speed at loading so buy one which has ssd or buy separately from amazon or flipkart

Thanks! It is on my checklist. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do not buy Dell any day. Their Service us Pathetic and are also selling a defective processor where CState is not functioning. And they will not give you 100 percent refund for such defective product

So I can’t go for Dell and Lenovo! Any idea about avita laptops? They offer superb specifications in their price!

You can go for Asus too. They are making good laptops with AMD processors.

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acer swift

Any specific model??

what about Avita Liber Core i5 10th Gen - (8 GB/256 GB SSD/Windows 10 Home) NS14A8INF541-MB Thin and Light Laptop (14 inch, Matt Black, 1.25 kg)

and intel or AMD, which is good?

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asus vivobook 15 35k with ryzen 5 and ssd

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I don’t think Avita will be a good choice in the long run.

If you want a great laptop and customer service I would suggest Dell.
I have a dell G3 Gaming laptop I would say it’s cheap and great value for money.
Ram - 8 GB (Upgraded to 16) SSD - 128 GB Intel i7
Although it has some heating issues but works pretty good and after upgrading ram performs a lot better.
I got 2 years of Premium Warranty with it which included Accidental Damage Recovery (that’s Crazy ).
You can break your screen, pour some water upon it, and would still get it repaired for free.
But I would suggest you buy a laptop based on your Work and Hobbies. Also always look for a laptop with good upgrade options.