Need OTP verification service for Microsoft azure

I need a SMS service for Microsoft azure account verification. TextNow and 2ndLine and other apps and website are not working.

I have also created twillo and signalwire accounts and have created some phone numbers but they all are not working.

Please help me !!

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try godaddy

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Try godaddy’s smartline

STEP 2: click start free trial
STEP 3: Enter area code to see available number : (read that first you can search different area code of US )

i used 913

STEP 4: Choose any suggested american number
STEP 5: Create an Account [email,username,password stuff]

STEP 6: it will asked for Payment stuff…
STEP 6.1: GOTO Here generate card

BIN : 650981, IP: USA, ZIP 10001

STEP 7: once step 6.1 is completed successfully, it will ask for US phone number give any random fake phone number(google it)

enter this address :
506 9th Ave,
New York, NY
10001, United States

STEP 8: will give you app link
Download their app, andriod link:

STEP 9: Hopefully in this step you will get your US number!

Credit: @Copy_Paste


ooh boi, i think then probably, it will work for only network providers sim(probably not sure though)

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I also think so.
After Downloading this app and after sign in it shows purchase error but in web account is valid
please help

For the linking, Use a valid phone number u hv access to and is currently in use.


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Not working. Tried Just now with US vpn


Last message received proof


I think they are only for disposal.
They might have been using for Azure already.
If you need some permanent & fixed number we might need services like 2ndLine & GoDaddy Smartline

This will be really good