Need Ideas for Python Automation

Can you think of any tasks that you would want me to automate with python scripts?
I am bored and need some projects to work on.


I am looking for a script to automate buying and selling on crypto on Binance exchange.

My tele gram is: GarethSA

…sorry not automate, i input info then just buy or sell buttons available for me to ckick

Okay, I had lost my mind in automating this. If you can,

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I used to download all of the domains on a nightly basis. They numbered 600-700m.
I used to then diff between today’s and yesterday’s to identify which domains were no longer owned etc.

I would then WHOIS certain interesting domains for specific reasons.

We could get together and see if it would be possible to re-start that process. My process for cleaning up the nightly downloads was a bit clunky to say the least.


Sounds like an interesting project. I would love to be included in this one please.

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hi fella, I have some projects on my mind need to be automated, if you are a little bit expert in what u re doing, I’m happy to work with you, this message is for anyone who works with python automation
please add me on skype:typh0ne1

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can you give me 1 copy of that domain list.

make a script which adds a list of downloadable links to multicloud google drive or mega by using upload url