Need Help With Securing My Account

yesterday when i took an office break for lunch,someonw from my office tried to acess my account.
Fortunately,i had 2FA turned on.
But,my password manager still keeps showing this.

How can i secure my account?
What measures should i take?

Even better,Can i track who tried this in my office? i’m pretty sure someone used something like Chromepass or other stuff to access the browser saved passwords.

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First of all, you need to improve your online habits.

  1. Use Strong passwords
  2. Never use the same passwords. Every account login should have a different password.

From the above image, it’s clear that you used the same password on 54 sites, which means if your one account gets hacked, hackers can log in to other 53 accounts.

It would be best if you used a password manager like Bitwarden or KeepassXC

and generate different password for every site something like : Qu/A+"T*N|qV?1cwrT’L`@fk5(;[a/
at least 30 characters long.

Now, do one thing install a password manager and go through every site you logged in and change all passwords manually and put strong passwords and save them in the password manager.

My suggestion is that if you want to achieve decent privacy, security, and anonymity up to some extent, you should subscribe to Techlore and follow his playlsts

Baby steps one by one, but it will help you improve your digital life and make it more private, watch out his all his videos one by one. You will see the differences.


You can use a password manager. In addition to this, you can also secretly monitor your computer such as using a screen record such as obs, recmaster, camtasia. By turning on recording when you are away from your computer, you can check if someone has touched your computer by rewatching the video.


Thanks a lot for the suggestions
I acknowledge my part of not being careful enough.
changing passwords for 120+ sites is pretty time consuming.
I’ll be careful from now on and thanks again

The problem? Re-use of passwords.

You are using the same password on sites that have been compromised. If you want to know the password on your email try this service

Change the password on your google account and monitor the log. You will know when the email was accessed and where.

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