Need help with my resume? Need some suggestions? for career..!

So here is the scenario…!

(ABC consultancy)

(XYZ company)

In 2017 when I was pursuing my diploma I got a backlog in maths😅. So to fill this gap I started looking for jobs so at least I can earn for my pocket and got an offer letter from (ABC consultancy) and I started working for (XYZ COMPANY which was my client’s location). So I worked there for almost 1.5 yrs and I was a quality engineering. Even though I was not a leader but alone I can handle all the company work.

So in 2018 University declared the dates of exams which is 10 days later. So I approached my manager about taking holidays for my studies. But he denied because this guy (manager) wants to go on a vacation with his family and one of my seniors wants to celebrate Diwali with his family. So the problem arises that no engineer was available at that moment. I tried talking to my ABC consultancy about this issue but he denied me to take holiday saying it’s not possible to arrange a backup engineer without someone to look after the new guy. And the second option he said to me to abscond either notice period is of 60 days.

So finally I came to the conclusion that I have to continue with my career and I abscond my whole month’s salary was taken by the consultancy. No experience letter was given. No relief letter was provided they don’t even bother to call me back for confirmation of absconding.

Now I am doing my engineering in 2021, I have experience of 1.5 yrs which I can’t show to the recruiter or interviewer. So how can I explain this scenario to an interviewer or should I mention my exp in my resume?

I don’t want to start as a trainee, I know corporates Etiquette. So there are many chances for getting placement.

Hello, @Dean_Kruger I already have a resume. just need some opinion and suggestion to what to say to an interviewer. so I can convince.

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