I’ve just encountered this error, I don’t know how it happened and how could it happen. if you guys have any idea of how is it possible then please tell me and also give me the solution.

Screenshot (115)

Will you explain properly, what is it? what you’re doing, what file you’re opening?.

Considering the error > You’re opening a file but your OS does not have associated application to handle it, Example: for all video media files you always need Media player, so what file it is? find out the associated software that opens that file.

If it is a file, Check the extension, what it is .xml, .pdf, etc? then Google search and find out what software can play it.


I’m trying to open my windows settings, I was not able to upload the full screenshot because it was too large that’s why I cropped it.

First of all, Visit and follow:

Also Update your OS, it always recommended to resolve such causes.

Else, try the troubleshoot:

How to fix ms-settings:personalization-background error

It is unfortunate but the ms-settings:personalization-background error is caused by a bug in operating system updates. It also can display ms-settings:notifications error besides the personalization-background error message. We cannot provide one solution for all these issues or say that you can use one tool or step and fix the error entirely. You should run a system scan with a tool like Reimageto ensure that malware is not involved, and then try to solve the problem with manual methods listed below or check for more recent Windows updates, restore the system to a previous working point.

Reset Windows Store cache

  • Press the Windows button and R keys at the same time to open the Run box.
  • The type WSReset.exe and press Enter.
  • Close the window and try to launch the personalization settings.

Create a new Account to fix ms-settings:personalization-background error

  • Open the command box and type control userpasswords2 .

  • Once the window opens, select the Add button and create the new account.

  • Sign in without a Microsoft account.

  • On the screen that opens choose Local account.

  • When the main window appears, select Properties and click Group Membership tab.

  • Select Administrator and press OK to exit.

  • Try to launch Personalization or Display settings again.

Run DISM tool and System File Checker to fix ms-settings:personalization-background error

  • Open Command Prompt and type SFC /SCANNOW .
  • Reboot the machine when the scan finishes.
  • Open CMD yet again and then type Dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth
  • When the system gets repaired with DISM tool, restart the device.


I couldn’t update my OS because I cannot get into my settings and I’ve tried couple of the solutions you’ve told me but not the second one. I’m going to try it , I’ll update you if anything changes.