Need Help! Repairing Video Card

Hi everyone, I have 2 broken graphics card

  1. GeForce gtx570hd 1.2g
    2.gtx titan x 12gd5
    I really don’t want to throw them away
    so if anyone can help me, please let me know.
    I can send them to you to be repaired
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Can you be specific on the issue of each video card? Is it blank/black video display? is it distorted display?
Are the fans running? Are there lights on the video card?
Did you check any error messages on the driver manager?
What are the troubleshooting steps you have done?

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Hi, for the GeForce gtx570hd 1.2g it’s distorted
For the TITAN it’s all black display
All the graphics card fan are running, and there is light on them.
No i didn’t check driver issues, BCS there was not possiblity.
I didn’t take any troubleshooting step,
I took them to a computer repairer, he told me he can’t fix them that the problem is at the component level

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