Need help registering for free aws

How do I set the nameholder field in the aws registry form to accept the card? That’s why I lost a lot of Visa Live cards.
I find the aws bin, then Generate, and check that it’s live to make sure it’s usable. But I only have card number, Date, cvv2. While the free aws account requires the nameholder field along with the address. And since I don’t have the appropriate nameholder card, what should I do to complete my registration?

  1. You must use live cards with proper IP (use good VPN like proton)
  2. I don’t think name and address matters, Use fake name for that

Have you checked your credit card number is valid? There could be a wrong character in the number you are typing and one of the security checksums is failing.
Try this tool online to verify if your card number is correct:

Also, make sure your card is not expired.

I usually use nordvpn for the registry process

I’ll try, thank you for your help

May i know what things can i do with AWS or Digital Ocean?

I want to use Amazon’s ec2 service. It gives 1 core cpu and 30 gig of free storage. I need some training to test setting up some tools like docker

I tested a few bin from the site you introduced, but none of them worked for aws