Need help regarding career and life

hello everyone
i did my graduation in computer science in 2017.
my girlfriend get a job but i didn’t get so i started living with her and stop finding job
everything working fine she go to office and i do household work, i lied to my parents that i got a job but during lockdown we both came to our homes and now she don’t want to come back and wants to end our relationship and i can’t do anything now , i forgot everything and i don’t have any working experience .
can anyone guide me how to get a job in IT now ?
what technology should i learn and from where ?

Is this real?

Did you stay with her for the last four years after graduation? And I doubt she will leave you because you don’t have a job.

I can understand your pain of unemployment but have you tried applying to any companies or start working on coding, algorithms, and data structures, and you are from the CSE department, I don’t think it’s hard for you.

Are you sad because of unemployment or loss of girlfriend?

Dude get a better life by working hard and start applying to companies. If she really loves you She will come back.

Forget about fucking high end mobiles, reality shows, comedy content on YouTube and start focusing on life.

Onehack admins post daily udemy coupons on coding and job related stuff. Use them and start practise coding on leetcode.

You can start Life from today.


I feel sorry for you, But, you should stand up for your feet now, never give up, money ain’t grow on trees, you should push yourself to get some, just make sure what you can do, what seems best for you!

About further motivation and career base handling, kindly follow these topics, they may help you!

Which one is best for future career? - #4 by SaM
Read them that belongs to Life-changing or Career

Tip: I have posted many topics to learn such things you are good at or handle by following those free resources and directions, Kindly, search Free learning or resources keyword and you will get enough material to start, Do it today instead of regret tomorrow! just listen to your situations and reality, F-k heart, at this stage if you listen to it, trust me you won’t get any solutions, most of the peoples ruin their career considering listening to their heart where the mind peace was required. get help via social media, nowadays YouTube has everything to expose, even you can make a rocket! just find out what you want to do, then simply stay on the track!

Lastly, Remember, never depends on anyone, if you do, you won’t reach anywhere besides gather problems for yourself, and as you know, where there is a will there is a way (Definitely there is) you can’t repeat today but you can change tomorrow!

Best wishes and best of luck! simply go through the above links, you will get more to learn that definitely encourage you to follow a path


tbh I can’t help but type LMFAO, you did this to yourself. Wtf you mean when you say,

You not finding a job doesn’t give you a reason to live and leech off of her for the last 4 Years doing “Household work”, and lying to your own parents (that you got a job) who spent their hard-earned money to make a dumpster of a guy like you graduate, gimme a break. Of course, she doesn’t wanna come back to you, Anyone in the right mind would end the relationship. Everything worked fine until covid-19 (god bless). Now you are awake trying to find a job. Hoping to find some answers online you stumbled upon this forum where I am wasting my time to type this reply so that you can realize why you are full of crap, and how can you at least be less miserable.

I think you should learn few skills so that you may have a better chance of landing a job.

You can search online or on this forum (I figured someone like you might be addicted to getting served everything on a plate so I gave a few links that might give you a headstart)

Think by yourself what you wanna do &
Research what you wanna learn

Dude seriously, Any one with self respect won’t leech their partner for such long time.
you made a huge career gap just after the graduation which will be death kneel for many job opportunity.

Get some skill from udemy or youtube channels and start applying for some small startups,
meanwhile work hard on improving latest tech stack skills and be on lookout for job switch with better pay

But I guess it would be too hard to come out of the slumber you are on.

damn bruh thats sad?

Thanks for suggestion guys

I really feel sorry for you, but I cannot help but think you have played life as an easy game till now. This is all your karma biting you back. For 4 years you lied to your parents about your job and relied on your girlfriend for living, it should have ended like this only. I don’t know what you thought your life would be like, in those years but anyone with a sane mind would have seen this coming miles before.
There are definitely some underlying fundamental issue with your way of thinking on life. Take these words coming from a concerned netizen.

People cannot go far by lying. If you would have told the truth about your job to your parents, maybe you would have an urgency to find one earlier. You kept feeding lies to your parents and others about your job, avoiding the main problem of “why you couldn’t get a job in first place”. People don’t give up if things doesn’t go their way. There is nothing wrong in staying at home and doing the chores if it’s a conscious choice. You didn’t have a choice. You kept avoiding upgrading your skill required to enter the workforce and stayed in your comfort zone. If it was hard for you to get a job as a fresher, now it would be 10X difficult.
I am writing this with my limited knowledge as a fresher and a boy growing up in Indian society. This might come out as rude and deceptive but I believe it’s the best course of action I could come up for you.

  • Try to find an entry level job first, better if it is in I.T i.e. take a job even if it is for data entry.

  • Don’t tell your parents that your are unemployed for past 4 years. They would be heartbroken. You might say your are fired or you are finding a new job, so, you need some time to study.

  • For technology I would suggest to start with Java. Java is used in many companies. Python is new to the scene and is used mainly in data science. With the level of skill you have, which I assume is not good, entering into data science could be difficult. C++ is more difficult than java (personal opinion) and getting into it with a gap of 4 years could be hard.
    Start with basic java. Learn the syntax, keywords, OOPS concept, JDBC, Swing controls, collection class, function and method overloading, etc and make few projects .Project which contain a front end in java connecting to MySQL via JDBC.
    Learn basic MySQL. It’s an easy topic and is literally asked everywhere, even in many non tech job profiles. Resource on java and MySQL are also abundant on net. If possible, try to solve easy questions of arrays and string from geeksforgeeks, hackerrank or leetcode. Additionally, you can also learn spring.

  • Javascript, node, react and MySQL could also be a good combination to learn. Do some more research and select one.

  • Practice objective and interview questions related to those topics. There are almost 10-15 questions in every language that are default one’s. You may have to read additional 50 - 100. Everything is available on google.

  • Come up with a very good reason for your gap and speak confidently in interviews. Like, “I went to handle my parents business after graduation. In this pandemic the business didn’t perform well so I am in urgent need of a job to support my family.”

  • Ask your girlfriend, college friends to get a recommendation for an interview. Keep looking for job openings on Internet.

  • Finally, talk with your girlfriend on what is the issue. Maybe her parents talked about her plans and she started feeling you are not worthy as a partner (In my society it’s not considered good if a guy don’t have a job). If that’s the case convince her that you would get a job and work hard to uphold your commitment with her. Tell her, you really need her support in finding a job. She has spent 4+ years with you maybe she could give you one more chance.

  • Once you get a job tell everything to your parents are properly apologize to them.

Do not lose hope. Dealing with hard situations in life will give you confidence for achieving further. Thing will definitely start to go in right direction if you put proper effort into it. Will be waiting to listen back from you once you get a job. BEST OF LUCK !!!


learn DSA
learn MERN or MEAN or Django
do some leetcode
learn OOP

you are good to go, tbh lieing isnt a good thing…