NEED HELP - Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter Error / Not Functioning Properly

I have a problem with the driver for Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter on my Windows 10. It shows that there is an error or it’s not functioning properly. I tried the following with no luck:

  1. Stop the device, then restart.
  2. Remove the device, then re-install.
  3. Search for updates, which return no results [screenshot of the returned message attached].
  4. Used Winzip driver updater & IOBit Driver updater, they updated other drivers, they did not show any update for the driver with the problem.

There is another screenshot with the OS build attached for reference.
If anyone can help, it will be much appreciated.


OS Build

@Mohamed_Al_Gohary What I see is that, you should contact your technician now. Without getting physically checked there is nothing we can do.

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