Need Help in Website

Hello Can anyone help me to create a website where we can chat or video call between two unknown person . I have tried ajax and php chat but still unable to build a good website.I have only heard about socket[.]io but i am still unable to build that website. Is there any web developer who can help me creating a chat website like that?

Please look forward in WEBRTC it is simple and effective.

Even a noob a build a chatting app.

Just JS knowledge is required.

All the best.


I will help you to make a chat or video call website pm me

you can embed video calls in your website, without any special knowledge, see here :

or here :

You can also use EasyRTC, its a wrapper API made over WebRTC, much more easy to understand and implement. I created the same project using EasyRTC a couple of years ago. It works flawlessly except a few cities and countries such as Dubai, due to some local legal restrictions.