Need help in getting early users for my social network like quora

i’m creating a social network of my own right own(old wine in new bottle). but, i don’t know anything about digital marketing the only thing that i want to do is to know the required tools(must be opensource) and to get the required user base to adopt it just like how quora and facebook did in its early days. Advise on how to monetize the network is of prime importance anything is welcome now.

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you should take some digital marketing course from udemy for best results

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One advice: please don’t be 100% Quora, originality it’s important, and Quora are famous to be centralized and don’t have enough free speech, “they” (or they moderators) like to tell what and how people talk in the platform, so please don’t make these mistake, people are more and more looking for privacy and liberty these days.

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