Need help in clear Alibaba Cloud ACA Certification Exam

Did anyone know some good resource for Alibaba Cloud ACA Certification Exam?
It will really help.

2. How to prepare

To get yourself familiar with the offering, I would suggest to start by registering for a free account in Alibaba Cloud. The account comes with $300 free credit for new users which you can use to try out different services.
You need to provide credit card details or use PayPal to sign up, but don’t worry you won’t be charged unless you explicitly agree to buy something.

I haven’t found any courses for Alibaba Cloud on such popular resources as Udemy, Coursera or Pluralsight, but there is plenty of documentation that can be used (see below).

2.1 Documentation

I have found the existing documentation from Alibaba quite impressive. It is written in a very detailed manner and provides not only all information you may need to get yourself up to speed with the service offering, but also information and examples of how to use this service as part of other solutions.

Documentation is split logically into different groups, making it easy to find what you need.

2.1.1 Getting Started

I would recommend getting started with the Alibaba Cloud Overview which they have called “Alibaba Cloud for AWS Professionals”.

This overview is useful if you have any experience with AWS, but is still worth watching if you don’t have any at all. The document provides a high level outline of some core services that you definitely need to be familiar with to successfully pass the exam.

2.1.2 Tutorials

There is a set of a step-by-step tutorials that help you to go through the process of deploying a variety of applications and services on Alibaba Cloud. You will need a free account to use them.

2.1.3 Quick Start Videos

Quick Start Videos is a collection of free video materials that show how various things can be done in Alibaba Cloud. Tutorials for New Users

Tutorials for New Users is a section where you can find video guidance for such things like “Registering for a free account” and “Setting up a Ecommerce WebSite” for beginners, or “Configure a WIMP stack” for intermediate and advanced users and much more. Videos about products

3-Minute Product Videos is a collection of videos that give a very quick overview of the features of key cloud services like Elastic Compute Service (ECS) or Object Storage Service (OSS) Solution Videos

Solution Videos is a collection of more advanced videos that help you to understand the solutions in more detail and how they can be built in Alibaba Cloud.

2.1.4 Document Center

Document Center is an archive of detailed articles about each and every one of the Alibaba Cloud services. It also provides an impressive amount of guidance around configuration of the 3rd party services that you can run in the cloud.

2.2 Hands on Labs

There is a set of hands on labs (currently available for free) that you can go through to get yourself familiar with the configuration steps for the main Alibaba Cloud services.

You can find those labs on the LabEx website.

I found them very useful, as they gave me a chance to go through all the configuration steps -covering each one of them with detailed information.

2.3 Training

Alibaba is running training in their offices that you can attend to do a deep dive.

Exam tips

  • Currently questions are grouped around technologies, which makes working out some answers easier.
  • Some questions have double negative statements, so be sure you read them carefully.
  • There will be 70 questions for the ACP exam - this feels like a lot of questions, but don’t rush it.
  • Remember the exact naming of core components, as it may be important for some questions.
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thanks for such a awsome resources :heart_eyes: