Need help In authenticator

i was using google authenticator app in my cell phone for facebook login now i lost my phone & in my new phone i using my same gmail credentials but in app shows nothing and i cant reset my password.
anybody here ???
Thanks in Advance

Sorry Nothing can be done. Reset 2FA of all sites where you had used it thats the only option you have.

And From Next time Use Authenticators that supports backup like Aegis. In Aegis you can manually back 2FA auth file and save it to some external usb or cloud wherever you want. and even if u lost access you can use backup file to recover those 2FA codes.

You just need to save backup files thats it,…


Yeah thats pretty sad they don’t have an option to backup but it is risky too to save it on cloud of an external domain (chances of it getting leaked). So I have been using Google Authenticator,
I will write a mail suggesting this feature then :slight_smile:

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