Need help - I need to reset a locked pc

I need to reset a pc with win10 but I don’t have the administrator password, nor the bios password. The pc does not allow me to see the hard drives, or access account control or delete programs. How can I do it? Is there a way to reset it using brute force?
thank you

Do Windows reinstall :joy:

Perhaps some more information can be useful.

  1. What do you want to achieve?
  • just access to the pc?
  • access to files from other profiles?
  1. Who is the owner of the pc?
  • did you buy it from somebody?
  • are you a user in a school/company that actually shouldn’t have access?
  1. What other things have you tried?
  • can you boot from a USB or CD/DVD?
  • can you boot into safe mode?

Download any password recovery (iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery).
boot it, you can reset the password - even Admin.

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I want to regain control of the computer, since the only usable account does not have administrator permissions. I don’t know the former owner. I bought it online. The bios has a password too, so I can’t access the boot menu. I can enter in safe mode, but also with a guest account. I can’t see the hard drives, nor the removable drives connected by usb. I tried to enter recovery mode by turning off the computer during boot, but it still asks me for the bios password. do you know any other solution? Thanks

If you open the device you should be able to see the CMOS battery.

By removing this and disconnecting all power, there is a likely change that the password is reset (if it’s a bit of an older system).

This way you can change the boot options. And boot from a desired device.

Another option (if you need to recover files) is to remove the internal drive and connect it to another system. This way you can try to tecover files, if it isn’t encrypted in anyway or form.

Also, if your running windows 10.
Kill the power to the pc 3 times when you see the loading screen of windows.

This should bring up the recovery of windows where you can reinstall windows as new and without any accounts other then you create during installation.

  1. You can clear the BIOS password by resetting the CMOS or NVRAM.
    You can Google it.
  2. You can return it for a full refund if you can’t clear the BIOS password.
    This is seller fault, seller have to pay the return shipping.

I suggest you return it asap if you are not good at hardware.

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I tried to do these things but nothing worked. Now i will try to remove the ssd and connect it to another system. Thanks guys

If you have another pc download Ophcrack
And burn it to a usb. Boot your locked pc from the usb and after a few seconds it will tell you what the password is