Need help for upgrading my Hp 15-ay007tx ram with 8 gb stick

I want to upgrade my ram 0f Hp 15-ay007tx . It already has 4GB ddr4 ram . I want to install 8 GB more.
so it will sum up to 12 GB . Can any one guide me how can i upgrade my ram . I have attached screen shot of my laptop ram and cpu details using cpu-z software.

Please give me flipkart or amazon link of a good 8gb ram . which is compaitable to my laptop. Also mind you that neither flipkart nor amazon have a return policy upon purchase of a ram so be precise about the ram compatiblity to my laptop

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bro also share SPD tab in cpu-z

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Make sure to use both ram of same company and Same Mhz otherwise it won’t work.

Yes, Kronos saying > Use the same brand and bus speed to get full compatibility, the Only compatibility can make your system smooth and faster, including drivers, software & apps, some times, incomparability cause many issues on running OS & machine.

Ex: You found a driver installer that says it is for DC660 bla bla, while installing, it shows some type of alert like > incompatibility caution and it also asks > Run anyway < that means the driver supports but not fully compatible for your Operating system.

Most of the driver updaters grab whatever supports but they do not design to check compatibility while installing. So always check the system manufacturer page for the supported + compatible drivers/devices for your system.

Recommended: Go to the system manufacturer page, check your system and its detail, whatever bus speed mentioned on the page for your system, use that one, and keep all Ram as same, equal bus speed and equal brand.

Good luck :+1: