Need help for study!

Hey guys! I’m Ragna .17 years old teenager from Sri Lanka…

I am learning 3d Modeling in Blender… But I have a problem with it. It’s My PC doesn’t meet at least the minimum requriements that need to Run Belnder newest version…So I installed a very old version of it…But…After i completed my modeling things…I can’t render in Blender properly…It takes hours to ocmplete even a 5seconds animation.Because…My pc is lack of resources such a as RAM,GPU…And I have not much money to buy a new vga or Ram…atleast a used one…But…I have about 5$ collected money…So…I am asking for your help…to support me to continue my learning journey without these interrupts…If you have a old used vga,i can give u $5 for it(for now). if you can help me with these vga and ram things…i will definitely pay back you after i sccessfully strated selling 3d models on internet…If you can help me…Please…I will highly Appreciate that.

Thank You!
Have a nice day!

*//Below are the my PC Specs and some photos of it. I am not a cheater…I am just a teenager who wiling to learn 3d modeling;If you can help me…please let me know that.

Intel core i3 550 3 GHz
2GB DDR3 Ram
intel onbaord vga

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Use it for rendering but I recommend you to buy a good system (New or used doesn’t much matter) ASAP if you want to take this thing seriously and make a career in it. Collect a few bucks by working for someone, it’s worth working for your passion. And be consistent, son. Never give up, there’s always a solution to every problem. Happy learning.

You can use VPS as well, a free VPS might waste your time.

Here’s another one,

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Thank You fo your advices! It’s very helpful to me. Thank you again! :heart: