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Hi, I want to setup a Virtual machine to access US based based ecommerce stores like Ebay or Facebook Marketplace so I thought to get a VPS and just run all programs throught Chrome and the G suite I bought here. My question is which configuration should i go for. There are different options especially for the RAM 1,2,4 and 8GB, the storage does not matter. What you guys advise and which service provider would you recommend. Finally do you have a better suggestion to access those websites. Thank you

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well to me vps like your remote computer, it depends on your need. if it used only for browsing tho, 2 gb ram is enough or max 4 gb ram

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You can you amazon web services for free using any virtual debit card you get vps for 12 months and its sufficient for surfing.

What do you mean by virtual debit card ? Can you send me a link please for the specific AWS offer?
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i have created tons of VMs in my life and the best cost effective config i can suggest in 2vcpu, 8GiB ram, ssd, 2000-3000IOPS. but you can always resize a VMs so try different options and decide whats best for you.

At first i recommend using aws or azure 12 month free vps. After that if you still need a vps, i recommend not going for popular services. Linode is a clous service which offer same kind of services at a cheap price.

For India: -

Play Store :

it will cost you around 59 INR for Virtual Debit Card & Load INR 2 for AWS Verification.
Note : Don’t do fully KYC. it works with minimum KYC also.

All Countries (Except India) : -

Link :

Add Your Main card and create as many virtual card you need for verification.

Privacy says you must be a US resident ??

Can we ignore and proceed, have any one used the service ??

Are there any hidden charges or cost ??

Start small, then scale it up after. I recommend getting trial VPS first. Here’s a list of hosting which provides free trial

Digital Ocean
Google Cloud

Please do take note that all of these requires a credit/debit card verification. And most of them are picky: meaning they don’t accept some virtual cards

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