Nayra | LFI Exploitation Tool

Nayra - LFI Exploitation Tool


This is a small tool to exploit a LFI (Local File Inclusion) web vulnerability. The tool provide a functional shell prompt. In the future, I will add some very useful extra options.


  • Legal: This tool is designed only for educational purposes and ethical hacking. Use it at your own responsibility. Damages or legal problems caused by the tool are the responsibility of the user.
  • License: This tool is subject under the following license:

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

More Info: Here


  • Required Parameters:
-t, --type              Specifies the type of action
-u, --url               URL vulnerable to LFI (Local File Inclusion)
  • List of types:
shell                    Exploit the vulnerability to get a shell
upload                   Upload a file to remote server
msfvenom                 Upload payload generated by msfvenom
  • Optional Parameters:
-m, --method (=GET)      It can be -> [GET|POST]
-n, --name (=php_1)      Used to specify the corresponding attack
                         payload in "data.json"

-f, --file               File to upload (Only "upload" or "msfvenom" types)
-a, --argvs              Secondary parameters (Only "msfvenom" type)

-c, --cookies            Session cookies
-x, --proxy              Using a proxy -> [http://user:[email protected]:port]
-p, --path               When it is necessary to make a directory traversal
-b, --null-byte          Add Poison Null Byte (%00)
  • Other Parameters:
-h, --help               Display this message




This tool was created by: @codexlynx.

About the tool name:

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