My torrent upload speed is ZERO! I cant seed any torrent

Recently I started using Jio Fiber but since then im not able to seed any torrent. I tried all possible methods but it didnt work. My download speed is perfect but my upload speed is zero. Can anyone help me?
And another thing. Can anyone help me to do port forwarding for utorrent in Dlink Dir-815? Maybe that can work.

Have a look here mate. Just follow the instructions on that website, and it will take you through it step by step. If i remember correctly they have a tool to help you do it also. Although its easy enough just following the instructions on the website.

Good Luck.

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About seeding torrents, answer me:

  • Are seeding your own torrents that you have uploaded somewhere?
  • Public tracker or Private tracker?
  • Did check the availability and health of a torrent?
  • Are you sure your ISP does allow torrenting? (a few ISP doesn’t allow torrenting)

DM me, if you need further help, Inbox me.

Good luck!


I already tried it before. It didnt work. Maybe i need to buy the full version of ‘PF’>

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