My Phone my Emails all are hacked

Dear friends
Please help me to find how my phone and my mobile is hacked. I’m in trouble.


how you figure out that your phone is hacked ?

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Phone and mobile hacked?


Omg sorry my mobile is hacked. I’m was typing with tention. Guys if some one can help me. Please let me know.

Plz Describe your issue in detail

like how u got hacked?

how u know that u r hacked?

have your tried anything (like changing password)after u got hacked?

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Hacked as in ‘I’ve forgotten my password’?

Every phone is different, but the good news is that most of your data is stored in the cloud!

Here’s what I would do:

First, if you believe you are being hacked, make sure you let a few important contacts know you will be, ‘offline for a couple of days’ for peace of mind. Then I would immediately take out your SIM card and SD card, and keep them in a safe place, away from magnets. I would have the SD card scanned for any malware. If you haven’t done so, do it now.

For most Android devices: Take out the battery and have your phone rest for a full hour or two. This drains any power that could keep the phone running, for any reason.

For all Apple: Have the iPhone drain all battery power, since it’s tracking everything while powered on and off. The fastest way to drain the phone, is video and flashlight combo. If you can access the camera or flashlight, then turn them on, record a video and keep the phone in an unplugged microwave oven overnight. The flashlight will let you know when it’s out of power, and a microwave oven is a poor man’s EMP/Faraday safebox. :wink:

Once the phone is completely drained for several hours, begin charging it in a wall outlet, not a USB from a computer.

For iPhone, you will have to eventually connect to iTunes through USB, so make sure you’re Mac is disconnected from Wifi temporarily.

Do a full reset on your phone.

Android, this usually requires holding the volume down button and power button at the same time. I would refer to your model’s phone reset protocols for accurate information on these steps.

iPhone will prompt you to connect to iTunes. Reconnect to Wifi when prompted during the resetting process.

Once that is done, place your SIM card back in, to see if everything is back up and running.
You should be able to recover your phone data via cloud sync!

Finally, don’t get hacked again! :slight_smile:

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