Mxplayer ads (edited os)


is there any way to bypass mxplayer vdo ads? (its OTT for indian)

updated ( i need to bypass ads on pc os window 10 nor in android.)

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some OS like oxygen/realme UI have option to block data usage of particular app. You can simply block data usage on wifi/mobile or background and clear data to remove preloaded ads to enjoy a clean player with no ads. Of course this means you cannot use it for steaming.

use modded apk

i am talking about pc not mobile.

Is there mxplayer for pc??


Don’t know about mxplayer’s availability on windows but i can suggest, use nextdns as your dns on the device where you want to avoid ads,pop ups. You can also add custom ads domains there to block them ,suggest use DOH via yogadns windows software .Hope this can help

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I have uploaded links for mobile didn’t new P that you needed that for pc then I should patched pc one
Anyways Wait for some time I will upload that

can you tell abt this more?

yeah,sure normally we are using public dns servers like google with no access to our own traffic logs unless doing MITM attack on own private network. So basically nextdns is a dns service that gives you access to all the dns traffic logs made from multiple devices under the registered public ip in nextdns.

DoH is basically DNS over Https i personally prefer it but views can vary individually. Check this for public dns servers with DoH support Click Here.

But personally if want to control traffic use nextdns as it support adblockers via dns so you wont even need adblockers on your network. nextdns

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so, what combination do you use?
yoga dns + DOH?
or next dns ?

Firefox support DoH so i use DoH endpoint in it. For whole pc Yogadns + nextdns instead of DoH option as it supports DNSSEC also i prefer NextDns dns resolver IPs on my router so that i can control the whole dns traffic in my network.

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There is no MxPlayer for PC, anything you’ll find on internet about a PC version may be a virus/trojan.

Try Adguard PC Version. It works like a charm!

thanks, i have setup yogadns+nextdns

link updated its ott

use adguard dns