(MUST SEE) Huge Collections of Resources To Keep Busy While You #StayHome ;p

Why, Hello There!

So, I assume despite the obviously huge number of resources posted in this forum, looks like you’re here, hungry for more, as always :laughing:. Well, I encourage learning and I like your enthusiasm, so, today, I’m gonna help you out and point out some more stuff to keep you growing.

Let’s Begin!

First off, learning is never as effective if you’re not doing it correctly, and believe me when I say this, you just might not be as good of a learner as you think yourself to be. My suggestion would be to check out Barbara Oakley’s courses, Learning How To Learn or Mindshift on Coursera where the latter is being offered free of cost, with a certificate right now. However, if you’re just not feeling up to wading through too many video materials and interviews, here’s a post I found super concise, super useful and to-the-point with the strategies you can use to learn better. Check it out!

Now, let’s move on to coding, or in general, pursuing a computer science education. For books and short video tutorials, this is a good place to go to, and they get updated regularly, so you should keep an eye on it. Additionally, to follow a more traditional learning path, you need to check out the Teach Yourself CS website, they list learning content that is digitally available at no financial cost, and also a form of accreditation provided when you present a final project at the end of your education. Lastly, here’s someone whose journey I found personally very interesting, for this guy took upon the challenge of finishing the normal 4-year MIT CS Curriculum in under 12 months, and he actually did it! He documented his whole journey, steps to follow and free resources to learn from, including the testing and grading materials. His guide on this MIT Challenge is a must see!

Next, let’s check out the various stuff you can do if you’re directly working in an applied computer sciences field, like web development or game development. For those of you wanting a stepping stone to or a philosophical joint to the field of AI, the Elements of AI course is an individual and separate offering by the University of Helsinki, well curated and structured to stoke your inspiration to learn more about this field. They also offer 2 ECTS credits for students or residents studying in Finland. For web developers, here’s a place you might want to check out for staying ahead in the competition with faster UI prototyping, as they use deep learning to transform hand-drawn sketches and outlines to actual webpage skeletons and are providing beta access on signup right now. The largest resource I have is again for my fellow game developers, and it’s an absolutely massive repository of free software, content and links of large type and variety, helping out in almost all possible niches of game development. Check them out here!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all this, and if at some point you think you need to relax, take my suggestion: meditate and do yoga. There are tons of free instructional videos out there, but if you feel you need the premium experience, go here to Yoga International’s website and use the BIN: 528004231xx28x8x over a USA IP address and generate some random VCCs through https://namso-gen.com/. Then, copy them, check for live ones at http://zoners-gen.ml/ccn/ and use one to get a 60-day trial. If the link expires or stops working, their homepage also offers a 14-day trial which is also accessible using this method. Alternatively, if you’re bored, you could go check out the British Museum’s online collection here, spanning across 4 million available objects to explore. They’re completely free to view, very interesting and all set up specifically in response to the stay-home-conditions right now.

I know, I know. You must think these are all general resources and stuff. What about the pandemic relief offerings? Well, I’ve got that covered too. These three websites contain a huge number of educational resources, so they’re still untested by me, but all are very well documented, and so do comment if you find something useful among them. Go have a look at:

Psst… if you’re looking to skill up on your blackhat ways, and need some resources to help your stay ahead in the game, you should definitely check out https://eleaks.net/ for a large collection of premium guides and explanations on many of these money making methods. Thank me later.

Anyway, that’s all for today, folks.

See ya around! :v: (Actually not, I hope :joy:)


amazing share bro…

Awesome collection bro!! :100::ok_hand:

Hey off topic question here: Can you kindly tell me how does this namso.gen thing works? Does the BIN above works for all kinds of websites? If not then how do you figure out which BIN will work out for which website? Newbie here.

Please Search the forum with the same questions you asked.
You will get many threads on how to use them and how they work!
This question was repeatedly asked in the past threads(and solved too)!
All the Best!! :+1:


No problem. It’s always never too late to learn, however, like @Hyperdemongod said, you need to fiddle around a bit and look things up yourself. There are a lot of other forums on the internet, but 1Hack being one of the kindest, here, you’ll most definitely find people always ready to help. That being said, showing a bit of initiative and getting excited about doing something might inspire you to probe deeply to the level needed for patience and understanding in carding or cracking in general. Additionally, spamming the same questions is not a wise thing, it’d be better next time if you used the PM button - I’ll be happy to help out.

Anyhow, coming to your question, here’s a past post where you’ll find precious resources and links to help you deep dive into this topic - https://onehack.us/t/solved-what-are-bins/73703

Cheers and Good Luck! :muscle:


Well Said! @GullibleLamb

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Hi @GullibleLamb
Thank you for sharing your research with us

Thanks man. Yes I should have checked the forum before asking it coz as i found out later it’s already answered previously. I wasn’t spamming but just curiosity.

Great collection, thank you for your effort :slightly_smiling_face:

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