Multiple domain in one host problem

i have a hosting support many to create more than website
i already have a main domaine: wordpress intsalled on public_hml folder (work perfectelly)
i create a new addon domain from cpanel, i already configure nameservers, i installed wordpress on public_html/ folder but the addon domain not working :frowning:
i dont know where is the issue if someone can help me

Wait for some time for DNS to propagate. Sometimes newly added subdomains doesnt work instantly on shared hosting. If you don’t get suspended message when you access the subdomain, you may have to check the .htaccess file in your add on domain folder where RewriteBase should be / not /

Hope this helps. If not share the exact error.


Yes this is part of solution I’m waited for dns to propagate, i was tested dns and website load normaly on many regions
All what i did is to twitch on/off my router and website was load
Thank you for your help


I am glad it worked for you :+1:

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