Mr.Brilliant Shop Buying Rules!

Shop new rules update!

  • Don’t act like a child when accounts don’t work after some time! It’s hacked & cracked stuff.

We usually sell 95% Cracked products & these accounts are not legally obtained that you can claim a warranty on or brag about; it is what it is.

  • If you buy from @Mr.Brilliant, sometimes it works, sometimes it won’t after some time.

If you are lucky enough, you get an active account that will work for a very long time & if you aren’t fortunate enough, it might die within a month.

So don't act like a child, like demanding a refund! When it's already mentioned, we cannot refund, but we can replace you!

Get yourself a new account if things don’t go right for you.

Also, Remember:

  • Company Algorithm auto changes password if there is frequent login & logout with different IPs. Buyer have to take care of this & maintain their logins.

  • We only provide replacement on an incorrect login, particularly on delivery time! After that, no replacement warranty after days of usage!

Team Mr.Brilliant is not running away with your couple of $$$ :woman_facepalming:

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