Monolisa font free download

This font is a very special font for code geeks. Download it free from github.

Official link -

Enjoy folks :yum::yum: Try and reply…


This is just the personal edition font with only two styles: regular & bold, it’s not the pro version with 14 styles.

It’s worth 2999₹/40$ :neutral_face: So, not a bad deal right

It’s actually €59 for 2 styles (regular & bold), and €299 for 14 styles - this is literally absurd pricing considering the alternatives it showcases on their website:

  • Fira Code, which looks almost like this Monolisa font, is free
  • JetBrains Mono, which looks much better than this Monolisa font, is free and open source
  • Source Code Pro, which is from Google, is free as well

Those 3 above are really reputable fonts of the highest quality made for programmers, with ligatures & everything Monolisa has, so why would anyone pay €60-€300 for a font that looks almost the same?

Don’t worry about the price :joy:
DM for all the 14 fonts.


:wink::wink: This way better

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Bro, I’m not comparing or considering other fonts or something with the price. I’m telling there are people who are looking for this font. Like me, I was looking everwhere yesterday. Atlast found this, I am very happy as if I won a big victory. Some, people like me might find this thread helpful. And now, with this thread @kornbolt has filled it up. Enjoy :100:

:laughing: you’ve great information. Thanks for explaining.

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Hi, can your share complete weights for monolisa font please? Thank you so much! :slight_smile: Can’t DM you.

can you share this with us plsss.

I DM you !! You might wanna check it out.

Hi please share. Thank you!

Thank you very much.

I wonder if there’s any way to get Century Gothic (all styles) from anywhere…

Much appreciated :clap:t3:

@Arjun_MS, here’s Century Gothic family:




Hey, thank you, man. Great :handshake:

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Hey, can you send it to me?

can’t DM you. give me the complete font please?

Thank you.

Don’t have a new version?

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