Money Making Tips & Tricks

Hello! I’m pretty suprised that you’ve bought my e-book, but anyway, this is my first ever e-book. I hope you enjoy!

There are 3 topics I’m going to talk about.

  1. Social Engineering

  2. Reputation

  3. Money

Before getting into topic 1, there are some things I would like to state.
THIS IS ONLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES, If you go to jail/court for doing anything,
it is not my fault.

Social Engineering

In my 2 years social engineering I have learnt alot of things.

The first lesson being FTID.
If you are a beginner at Social Engineering, DO NOT FTID.
If you are a begineer at social engineering, you probably wont even know what is or how to FTID
You should also NEVER buy services, because most of the services that people sell are very overpriced. If you are looking for a method on how to get a laptop without doing a FTID, luckily for you, its 3 lines under this message!

Get a real toshiba or dell serial number it’s
best to find one on ebay/mercari. Once you have a
serial/tag call up the company and say
"Hi, I have been an active user of your
laptops for years. I have been using
your laptop for work too! So last
night, I left my (insert laptop here) on
download some work files. In the morning,
the laptop would not turn on whatsoever.
I tried removing the battery, (bs your
troubleshooting steps here.) POINT AND
CASE: It doesn’t work.
Now, they should say: “It seems you are in
need of a mail-in replacement/repair.”
Tell them: “I would love that but I can’t
since I work for the county and all of my
work files are on there.” (If you are doing this on Dell, they may ask you to take the drives out. Tell them that’s a hasle and you can’t do that…you know the drill. Act upset.)
They will either cave and order the replacement, or transfer to a supervisor. If
they say the bullshit “Unfortunately our
policy does not allow…blah blah blah.” Tell
them you want a supervisor. When you get
him/her act upset and angry about it.
They should now create a replacement
order for you. This is confirmed working with Toshiba. Note: Please change the excuse from “left it on last night.”

Another lesson I learned about social engineering, is that to NEVER buy serial numbers, you can find some off of ebay, mercari other platforms, if these are too hard, then look on nulled on how to get serial numbers for free.

Ok, now on to Topic 2 and 3


Me personally, I have a good reputation on alot of medias, like discord.
I’ve earned my reputation by selling jig bibles, and more stuff that I cant talk about here.
Basically, if your trying to earn a reputation, on a platform like discord, you’ve came to the right place.
So first, you want to create a discord server, (obviously)
You want to take inspiration from other discord servers that are based on your discord server style.
DO NOT copy discord servers, try to see what discord servers repeatedly use, and try to not use those things, and make new stuff.
I know thats hard, but nothing is impossible.
So, once you’ve created and configured your discord server, you will want to have a paypal, cryptocurrency wallet, or a cashapp account ready. I recommend using a paypal account, or cryptocurrency wallet because most people dont have cashapp on discord.
OK! Now lets move on to actually gaining reputation.
You will want to sell popular items that sell for $15+, for a low price of around 4-5$ for example, if the popular product is $20 sell it for $5. People will try to compete with you if your server becomes a big community, but dont worry, because you only care about reputation, and money. Having low prices, with a big server, means you get WAY more sales than the average big company has.
Make sure your server members think you care about them, so give out free stuff often, if you dont want to, do a rigged giveaway.
If you go down the rigged giveaway path, then you’ll have to spend money on making some bots, if you dont know how to code.
Once you’ve made your first $$$ make a social media account, and spend some money on followers/subscribers. Make sure that your social media account has alot of reach, then start finding funny videos off of tiktok, to download them we will use a third-party website.
The website is:
So once you’ve found your video, get the url, and then paste it into . The website is completely free to use, and its quick.
Once you’ve downloaded the video, post it on your social media. I recommend posting more than 5 videos a day, this makes people think that your account is legit. Now, you will type in your bio “Doing promos for $15” people will think this is VERY cheap, because your a guy with over 10,000 followers seling something for $15. Normally people would sell stuff for around $30 for stuff like that.
To earn more reputation along the way, make sure your known, and unique, hack accounts with fame if you need to, you could also crack accounts and name them “(your famous name here)” If you need any help growing your discord server, partner with small 10 - 20 member severs. Then people will start to discover you, and talk about you on youtube and other social medias. This way, you can earn alot of reputation.

I’ve hope you enjoyed my E-Book, as this took over 5+ hours to make. I’ve put alot of thinking into this!